Txogitxu beef, purslane, white soy, pili note

Scallop, pointed pepper, belotta broth

Norway lobster, kohlrabi, scrambled eggs, monk beard*

(sup.caviar, imperial heritage 15€)

Pickled cod, spinach, smoked boter,

Lacquered sweetbread, cerleriac, cauliflower

Mango, flat cheese, rice

Menu “essence”

5 cours 78€ adjusted wine 28€

6 cours 90€* adjusted wine 35€


the wine arrangement 6 euro glas of white wine

7 euro glas of red wine

Glass dessertwine 8 euro

Befor the dessert you have the possibility to take the cheese assortment for a supplement of 12€

Chees instat of dessert is à supplement of 6€

The menu evolves with the seasons and is adjusted every four weeks.

if you are a vegetarian pleas let us know in advance, so we will gladly take this into account.

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